The cases in this list have all been treated at the Homestead Vein Center by Dr.Galtes and represent a sample of the different problems our patients present with. We have included a short clinical vignette and a description of the treatments offered as well as before and after images. Click on the case number link to se detailed information.

Case #1. Undiagnosed venous reflux. Prior suboptimal sclerotherapy.

Patient with several prior treatments (sclerotherapy injections) for spider veins without permanent improvement. Prior treatments performed at a cosmetic center without evaluation of deep and superficial venous systems. Ultrasound revealed marked reflux in the right lower extremity and she underwent ablation of the greater saphenous vein with excellent results. Later on several sessions of sclerotherapy were performed for the residual spider and reticular veins.

Case #2. Long standing venous reflux.

Patient with over 30 years of developing painful varicosities. Was under the impression there was no remedy to her problem. Was noted to have extensive reflux in 3 of the main veins of the superficial system. Underwent ablation of all 3 veins using the Venefit procedure and later on an Ambulatory Phlebectomy to remove the residual varicosities.


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